MX Player Pro

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Minimum Android: Android 6.0
Latest Version: 1.77.4
Category: Music and Video
Last Updated: January 2, 2024
Reviewer: 3 584 Downloads
Price: 0$
7 stars
MX Player Pro - is an innovative media player that surpasses all alternative applications in usability. The uniqueness of the player lies in the intuitive setting of viewing parameters. The user can easily rewind, scale video clips, change the brightness and volume with a single swipe of his fingers right while watching. Fine-tuning the position, color and size of subtitles makes it possible to watch movies in both Russian and English voiceovers. Detailed customization and customization of the interface allows you to change the appearance of the player to your taste and feel comfortable while watching. The app recognizes a huge number of video formats and subtitles.
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  1. Ashfaque
    Ashfaque 27 August 2021 08:04
    Mx pilyar pro